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Makin’ Steps has staged over 60 productions at a wide variety of locations from The Harlow Playhouse to Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End. Over the past 30 years Makin’ Steps have produced a diverse range of shows from small, intimate showcases at the school’s own studios, to full scale production that incorporates, hundreds of performers, professional live band, stunning special effects and lighting rigs and not forgetting an outstanding array of costumes all performed on one of their bespoke stages.

With an eye for detail and drawing on their experience from working with the industries top artist on some of the biggest shows like MTV, they can deliver a truly outstanding visual performance that has left the audience spellbound. Through our productions, we feel that we can give our pupils a truly professional environment to perform in. This gives our pupils some great opportunities to showcase the talents and skills they learn at the school while building confidence and great knowledge of all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Makin’ Steps productions are also enhanced by working with Ross who owns Woodbury Studios, to produce amazing live music for our productions. Incorporating live music with first class professional musicians and beautifully arranged vocals from the school’s music department, really showcases the diverse and high standard of productions that the school produces.

The school holds an annual show and also smaller productions and class showcases throughout the year. Below are some of the quotes and pictures from the school’s productions.

“Stunning show is proof that Harlow’s got talent.” – Harlow Star “This was no ordinary concert, this was an all lights flashing, pyro’s exploding, rhythms-pulsing musicians-excelling concert that had the audience shouting for more..” – Harlow Star

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